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Book Title: KEY TO LEARN Sub Sub & Cuspal Interlinks Theory
Author : S.P.Khullar

1. Acknowledgement
2. Preface by R S Gaunt
3. Introduction
4. Appreciation and Comments
5. Lessons
L1: Positional Status of a Planet
L2: Application of Positional Status
L3: Stellar Status of a Planet
L4: Behaviour of Rahu and Ketu
L5: Rahu or Ketu as Star Lord of a Planet
L6: Role of Sub lord of a Planet
L7: Rahu or Ketu as Sub lord of a Planet
L8: Study of a cusp—its philosophy, promise
L9 Rahu or Ketu as SS of a cusp
L10 Vimsottari Dasa System and its application
L11 Transit and its Application
L12 Rahu and Ketu as Dasa Period Lords
L13 Birth Time Rectification
L14 Timing Future events
L15 Case Studies
6. Answers: L1 to L13
7. Appendix A- Concept of Zero Longevity
8. Appendix B-Primary and Supporting Cusps
9. Appendix C- Sub-Sub Tables

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Book Title: TRUE ASTROLOGY: Basic & Traditional concepts
trueastrology1 The Revised and enlarged edition of True Astrology Book Basic & Traditional Concepts has been released on 27 November 2009.
Author : S.P.Khullar
The contents of the book are as follows


Hindi Equivalents
1. Fundamentals of Astronomy
2. Retrogression & Combustion of Planets
3. Zodiac and its Division
4. Casting the Rashi Chart
5. The Houses and their Significations
6. Nakshatras
7. Planets and their Significations
8. Aspects
9. Behaviour of Planets
10. Vimsottari Dasa
11. Traditional Concept of Analysing Horoscope
12. Analysing the Ascendant
13. Analysing Sixth House – Diseases
14. Analysing the Seventh House – Marriage
15. Analysing the Fifth House
16. Analysing Horoscope for Educational Prospects
17. Analysing the Tenth House – Profession
18. Navamsa and its Significance

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Book Title: TRUE ASTROLOGY: Kalamsa & Cuspal Interlink Theory (New Edition)
kalamsa & Cuspal Interlink Theory book by SP khullar
Author : S.P.Khullar
Contents: Acknowledgement; Introduction;

1. Development of Nakshatra & Kalamsa theory
2. Planets behavior in Kalamsa theory
3. Kalamsa theory & analysis of Nirayana chart
4. Philosophy behind cuspal interlinks theory
5. Cuspal interlinks & their application
6. All about ascendant
7. All about second house
8. Analysing horoscope for educational prospects
9. Analysing disease
10. Marriage & married life
11. Analysing tenth house – profession
12. Analysing fifth house
13. Theory of transits
14. Vimshottari dasa & timing events

Appendix 1: Star areas in Aries/Leo/Sagittarius; Star areas in Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn; Star areas in Gemini/Libra/Aquarius; Star areas in Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces

Appendix 2: Sub-sub area in each sub; Stars, subs & sub-subs.

Detailed Index added

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Book Title: YOUR TRUE HOROSCOPE: Birth Time Rectification Revised and Enlarged

Author : S.P.Khullar
Contents: Acknowledgement; Introduction;

1. Human Being and Astrology
. Modern Gynecologists opinion of Human Birth
. Human Being and the view point of Vedanta
. Human Being and Astrology

2. Theories of Rectification of Birth Time
. Tattva Sidhant or Nadi Theory of Rectification
. The Pre-Natal Epoch Theory
. Varaha Mihira and Others Views on Lost Horoscopes
3. The Ruling Planets and Construction of Horoscopes
. Ruling Planets and Schools of Thought
. Application of Ruling Planets and Construction of Horoscope
. Calculation of Moon’s period in a day

4. Construction of True Horoscope.
. Formation of Ascendant
. Formation of other cuspal positions
. Rectification of Cuspal positions to reflect genetical connections
. Composite Approach to Rectification of Chart
5. Advanced Technique of Birth Time Rectification
. Use of RPs
. Promise of Various Aspects of Life
. Promise of Execution of Events
. Timing Significant Events
. Role of Dasa Period Lords for Significant Events

. Role of Transit
. Fixing Dasa period lords and Transit for specific events
. Conditions for Immediate Death
. Moment of Event-Formation of ascendant
6. Rectification of Birth Charts of Twins
. Special Conditions for Twins Charts

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Title : Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks
Author : S.P.Khullar
Contents: Introduction; Horary astrology & its philosphy

1. Questions relating to the first house
2. Questions relating to the second house
3. Questions relating to the third house
4. Questions relating to the fourth house
5. Questions relating to the fifth house
6. Questions relating to the sixth house
7. Questions relating to the seventh house
8. Questions relating to the eighth house
9. Questions relating to the ninth house
10. Questions relating to the tenth house
11. Questions relating to the eleventh house
12. Questions relating to the twelfth house
13. Minor events & selection of lucky time
14. Appendix A. Primary & supporting or linked cusps for questions from each of the twelve houses.

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